iOS14 Ultimate Pack - 10 icons packs for your devices (No Jailbreak)

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10 awesome icons packs for your iOS14+ devices.

This pack is made up of 10 icon packs that I have created over the years along with their wallpapers.

These icons have been specially optimized (512px to 2048px) for ios14 and more (no jailbreak needed), which will allow you to forward your favorite icons to future devices and screen resolutions.

I use IconBoard app from the appstore which let you manage all your icons sets easily with no shortcuts redirect for the 3rd party apps.

Installation guide is include in package.


  • Size
    3.21 GB
  • 0bvious icons pack
    815 icons
  • 0xygen icons pack
    1466 icons
  • 1mpress icons pack
    1429 icons
  • 1nka icons pack
    917 icons
  • Ambre icons pack
    1146 icons
  • Ambre V2 icons pack
    274 icons
  • Ando icons pack
    817 icons
  • Astral icons pack
    192 icons
  • BlackEdition icons pack
    272 icons
  • Hiro icons pack
    929 icons
  • Size3.21 GB
  • 0bvious icons pack815 icons
  • 0xygen icons pack1466 icons
  • 1mpress icons pack1429 icons
  • 1nka icons pack917 icons
  • Ambre icons pack1146 icons
  • Ambre V2 icons pack274 icons
  • Ando icons pack817 icons
  • Astral icons pack192 icons
  • BlackEdition icons pack272 icons
  • Hiro icons pack929 icons


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iOS14 Ultimate Pack - 10 icons packs for your devices (No Jailbreak)

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